Autonomous Navigation

As robots are expected to interact more and more within the dynamic world we've created and in closer proximity to people, intelligent and robust autonomy will be key to a successful integration and increased functionality, safety, and acceptance.

Cancer Detection

Smart Cancer Detection

As Big Data becomes more prominent in our daily decisions, we'll need powerful tools like machine learning to sift through and make sense of the large volumes of data we generate. One of the most useful examples is enabling doctors to better diagnose and prevent cancer using advanced computer vision techniques.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Advanced computer vision algorithms are one of the key technologies enabling today's robotic breakthroughs. As the applications for robots grow in both number and complexity, many of the core challenges will be related to sensing and perception, fields I'm profoundly interested in!

MLAI mini projects

Machine Learning & AI for Robotics

A series of mini-projects whose competencies are at the core of autonomy, planning, localization, and the dynamic aspects of machines. Projects include Bayesian filtering, Machine Learning techniques, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and the role each plays in modern robotics.


Baxter the Barista

A first venture into humanoid robots, ROS, and real-time control with feedback, watch Baxter serve as a personal barista. This project ties concepts across multiple classes into one exciting challenge.

Soft Robotics

Advanced Control for Soft Robotics

Traditional "stiff" robots are easy to control, but difficult to integrate into normal human environments due to safety concerns. Soft robots are much safer, but difficult to control. The goal of this project is to explore and implement a cutting-edge soft control algorithm on a special robotic arm prototype.

Team PrISUm

Mechanical Director for Team PrISUm, Iowa State University's student-run organization which designs, builds, and races solar-powered electric vehicles against competing university teams

CNC in action

CNC Router Project

Concepted, built, and tested a CNC router table over the course of two years, completely from scratch. Check out some of the awesome projects I was able to make with it!


  • Autonomy
  • Localization & Planning
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Dynamic System Modeling
  • Human/Machine Interaction
  • Embedded Systems
  • Algorithm Development
  • New Technologies
  • Renewables
  • Open Source


Currently pursuing my MS in Robotics at Northwestern University, I intend to focus on areas such as localization and planning, machine learning, AI, computer vision, embedded systems, and algorithm development - essentially everything a robot needs to navigate its environment. I hope to combine my mechanical expertise with the skills and concepts learned in this program to rapidly advance the exciting field of autonomy and control. I believe my creativity, enthusiasm for the field, and maker mentality will be assets to any team I join in the future.


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